Vercentra CS-3000

Chemiluminescence equipment with reagents using acridine ester as a marker. Benchtop analyzer with productivity of up to 240 tests/hour. Washing station with two-step cleaning system, consisting of six needles ensuring high efficiency and time optimization. The addition of reagents and samples occurs independently, optimizing test processing. Multiple temperature control functions ensuring reaction stability.

Acquiring this equipment


Nominal speed
Up to 240 tests/hour.
• Up to 24 positions;
• Refrigerated tray (2 - 8°C);
• Barcode reader;
• Real-time temperature alarm.
• Up to 96 positions with STAT fuction;
• Barcode reader.
• Up to 1000 cuvettes capacity;
• Continuous loading;
• Incubation temperature : 37°C ± 0,5 °C.
Washing system
Wash buffer and substrate heating.
Interface system
USB, LAN, RS232.
Dimensions (H x L x W)
71 x 128,5 x 74 cm.
190 kg.

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