The Network Project involves all social, environmental, academic and scientific initiatives of Labtest. The denomination makes reference to the desire to set up a “network” with target publics, incorporating current and future projects under a single aegis.

University Project

The University Project is the Social Responsibility program of Labtest maintained since the 70s and consists of semi-annual donation of reagents to colleges directly related to laboratory science and in vitro diagnostics, such as Biological Sciences, Pharmacy, Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Medicine, Veterinary and technical courses of Pathology and Clinical Analysis. The goal is to contribute to the enrichment of practical classes and the fostering of scientific knowledge of masters and doctoral students. 

Labtest Seminars

An itinerant project of meetings and lectures that can happen in different regions of the country, and fully dedicated to professionals of clinical analysis laboratories. The scientific body of Labtest, and other invited experts, promote training, update and discussion on laboratory practices, management, quality control and many other issues involving laboratory medicine.

Labtest Solidarity

Labtest corporate social responsibility program that proposes actions with the aim of enhancing and rescue concepts and practices related to citizenship, sustainability, collective education, social awareness, preservation of cultural values ​​and environmental resources for the well-being and quality of life of its employees and the community in which the company operates.

Study Project

Program to encourage educational training of employees and their legal dependents duly enrolled in educational institutions. At the beginning of each school year, the company provides free school basic material devoted to each level of education. From this project, Labtest promotes the return or continuation of studies, seeking to encourage personal and professional development of its employees and the quality of life of their families.