Center of Development, Innovation,
Science and Technology.


With its more than 50 years of performance in the market, investing in research and development of solutions applicable to the in vitro diagnosis, Labtest evolved and consolidated a company in the R&D sector: o CDICT – Center of Development, Innovation, Science and Technology.


Promise of developing technologies that contribute to the health and growth of the country, CDICT consists of several qualified professionals, including teachers and doctors. It should be noted, in the work of this multidisciplinary team consisting of physicians, pharmacists, biologists, biochemists and chemicals, a history of success with regard to products of biochemistry and immunology, allowing to act on different fronts, using innovation to improve the healthcare industry in Brazil.


One of the CDICT purposes is to help industry, generating applied knowledge. This is the business of CDICT. The strategic planning of this company contemplates the generation of national technology, collaborating for the innovation of the country, what represents one of the pillars that move the development of the nations. The know-how acquired and accumulated, applied to the market, leads to population more affordable solutions in health and places the country in a more competitive position, due to its greater technological independence. Thus, the expectation of how much this Center can contribute to society and to Brazil as a whole is visionary.


Given this scenario, focusing on strategic innovation, CDICT works in the development of products and innovative lines through the concept of “R&D open platform”. This business model is extremely conducive to formation of partnerships between different public and private institutions. It is essential to the success of this model, which there is a constant circulation of researchers and students, maintaining an active flow of ideas, concepts and new technologies.


In this concept, the qualified human capital formation is a result of work performed and promoted interactions. Interactions that are facilitated from the moment in which the CDICT also assumes the integrator function between university, private sector, institutes and Government. In this way, contributes to the technologies developed have real applicability in the market and meet the needs of the several agents of the health industry, as well as the company itself.


Labtest, founder of the CDICT, is one of the companies that benefit from this generation of ideas and new technologies. The already known standard of excellence in quality of products developed by Labtest is even more enhanced with the CDICT, having a R&D with its own structure and open to new exchanges. Such an environment aims at stimulating innovation and creativity, combined with consolidated market knowledge, offering increasingly efficient solutions to clinical laboratories, for the benefit of life.