Biochemistry and Turbidimetry

Labmax 100

The Labmax 100 is the best option of choice as a first automation to the lab that wants to invest in productivity, improve the performance of analysis and get saving of resources. Performs biochemical and turbidimetric tests accurately, allows the rapid analysis of emergency samples, operates with low water consumption and requires low investment in maintenance.

Acquiring this equipment


Up to 100 tests/hour.
Suction volume: 2µL - 400µL;
Tray for 28 refrigerated reagent;
Bottles: 5 and 15mL;
Level detector reagent.
Tray with 20 positions (calibrators, controls and emergency) for primary tubes or cuvettes;
Minimum volume suction: 2μL;
Immediate analysis of samples of emergency (STAT);
Automatic return of test execution after closure of STAT samples.
Buckets of disposable optical resin;
Minimum reaction volume: 240µL;
Reaction temperature: 25 to 37°C.
Biochemical and immunochemical (turbidity);
Kinetic and Endpoint;
Linear and nonlinear calibrations.
Photometric System
7 photometer with interferential filters (340, 380, 405, 505, 545, 580, 630 nm) with the possibility of adding an additional optional filter;
Tungsten Halogen Lamp;
Monochromatic or bichromatic reading;
Absorbance range: 0.0 to 3.0 Abs.
Washing System
Washing of (internal and external) probe.
Homogenize System
Use of a programmable speed homogenizer.
Pipetting System
Unique probe for reagents and samples.
RS 232 bi-directional.
Windows environment.
Quality Control
Storing the values of controls can be viewed graphically (Levey-Jennings).
110/220V (Automatic dual voltage);
Consumption: 160W;
Frequency: 50/60Hz.
Dimension (HXWXL)
30 X 50 X 40 cm.
15 kg.

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