Biochemistry and Turbidimetry

Audmax 400

Analyzer for biochemical and immunoturbidimetric tests, with on-board preparation of the hemolyzed for HbA1c. Constant speed of 400 tests/hour, reaching a maximum speed of 800 tests/hour combined with the ISE module (optional). Reagent tray with two disks, adding up to 67 reagent positions on disk R1 and 45 reagent positions on R2. Random access with 115 positions, individual probes for reagents and samples with mixer homogenization.

Acquiring this equipment


Nominal speed
• 400 photometric tests/hour
• 800 tests when combined with ISE module (optional)
• Barcode reader
• R1: 67 positions and R2: 45 positions
• Refrigerated tray
• Aspiration volume: 20 to 350 µL
• Recipient: 20 mL e 70 mL
• Protection against probe collision
• Optional barcode reader
• Up to 115 positions
• Aspiration volume: 1.5 to 35 µL
• Protection against probe collision
• Suggested test tubes: Φ10~13 x 75~100 mm
• 120 reaction cuvettes
• Reaction volume: 120 to 450 µL
• Fixed Cycle: 15 seconds
• Kinetics and Endpoint
• Biochemistry and Turbidimetry Tests
• Linear and non-linear calibration
• Automatic preparation of hemolyzed for HbA1c
Photometric system
• Photometry with diffraction grating with 12 different wavelength (340 to 800 nm)
• Bichromatic reading
• Halogen lamp
Washing system
• Automatic washing of reaction cuvettes
• Use of alkaline solution
• Washing the probes internally and externally
• Water consumption: 25 L/h
Homogenization system
Pipetting system
• Independent and exclusive probes for R1 and R2 samples
• Level detector for samples and reagents
• Optional Module (Sodium, Potassium and Chloride)
• Speed 400 tests/hour
Interface system
Dimensions (H x L x W)
115 x 106 x 79 cm
300 kg

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