Biochemistry and Turbidimetry

Labmax Plenno

Labtest joined technology, functionality and productivity in only one equipment. Labmax Plenno is an auto analyzer programmed to perform clinical chemistry and immunochemistry assays. Modern and versatile, Labmax Plenno fits in your laboratory and is an option of intelligent change.

Acquiring this equipment


up to 300 tests/hour.
Refrigerated tray with 60 reagent positions;
Bottles: R1 only 60mL;
Bi-reagent bottle: R1 31mL and R2 28mL;
Level detector for reagents;
Pipetting steps of 1µL.
Sample tray with 60 positions (patients, controls, calibrators and blanks) for sample cups or primary tubes;
Level detector for samples;
Minimum volume: 2µL (step 1µL);
STAT sample processing;
Automatic sample dilution for abnormal values
100 plastic and semi-disposable cuvettes (10 segments with 10 cuvettes each);
Minimum volume: 220µL;
Temperature: 37°C.
Endpoint, Kinetis and Two Points;
Chemicals and inmunochemicals tests (immunoturbidimetry);
Linear and non linear calibrations.
Photometric System
10 photometric filters (340, 380, 405, 450, 505, 546, 578, 600, 650 e 700 nm) and an extra filter (optional);
Halogen lamp;
Optical range: -0,1 up to 3,6 abs.
Washing System
Automatic washing of the reaction cuvettes;
Internal and external probe washing;
Water consumption: approx. 1,6mL/test.
Windows environment.
Quality Control
Controls data storage with graphics visualization (Levey-Jennings).
Dimension (HXWXPL)
45 X 80 X 58 cm.
45 Kg.

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