Biochemistry and Turbidimetry

Audmax 360

Biochemical and turbidimetric analyzer with a compact design, high sample capacity and on-board preparation for the hemolysate of the HbA1c test. Speed ​​of 360 photometric tests/hour, reaching up to 540 tests when combined with the ISE module (optional). High capacity of simultaneous reagents in the tray: Up to 100 positions of interchangeable reagents, providing more autonomy in the execution of the routine.

Acquiring this equipment


Nominal speed
• Up to 360 photometric tests/hour
• Up to 540 tests when combined with ISE module (optional)
• Optional barcode reader
• Up to 100 positions
• Refrigerated tray
• R1 aspiration volume: 100 to 200 µL (interval of 0.5 µL)
• R2 aspiration volume: 10 to 200 µL (interval of 0.5 µL)
• Protection against probe collision
• Optional barcode reader
• Up to 100 positions
• Aspiration volume: 2 to 35 µL (interval of 0.1 µL)
• Protection against probe collision
• Suggested test tubes: Φ12~13 x 68.5~100 mm
• 80 reaction cuvettes
• Minimum reaction volume: 100 to 360 µL
• Fixed Cycle: 10 seconds
• Endpoint, kinetic and fixed time reactions
• Biochemistry and Turbidimetry Tests
• Linear and non-linear calibration
• Automatic preparation of hemolyzed for HbA1c
Photometric system
• Photometry with diffraction grating with 12 different wavelength (340 to 800 nm)
• Bichromatic reading
• Halogen lamp
Washing system
• Automatic washing of reaction cuvettes
• Uses alkaline solution and water
• Washing the probes internally and externally with water
• Water consumption: ≤ 6.5 L/h
Homogenization system
Pipetting system
• Probe for adding sample and reagent
• Level detector for samples and reagents
Quality Control
Westgard Rules and Levey-Jennings Charts
Optional module (Sodium, Potassium and Chloride)
Interface system
Dimensions (H x L x W)
55 x 86 x 66 cm
115 kg

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