Biochemistry and Turbidimetry

Labmax 560

The Labmax 560 is an analyzer of high performance and productivity for biochemical and immunochemical tests. Its technology provides robustness, security and quality to laboratory routines. The perfect equipment for the laboratory that wants to conquer its space. Japanese technology, assembled in Brazil by Labtest.

Acquiring this equipment


560 tests/hour (400 photometrics/turbidimetrics + 160 ISE).
60 positions in the tray;
Bottles: 20 mL, 40 mL, 50 mL, 70 mL and 100 mL;
Aspiration volumes: 20 µL to 350 µL;
Cooled Temperature: 8 - 15 °C.
Barcode reader;
72 positions (samples, ISE and emergency) and 20 positions (Controls and calibrators) in the tray;
Aspiration volume: 2 µL a 35 µL (steps 0.1 µL).
90 individual glass cuvettes (Pyrex®);
Reaction volume: 150 µL a 450 µL;
Reaction Monitor.
Programming 240 optical tests and 40 calculated tests;
Calibration linear and no-linear with graph.
Photometric System
Photometer with diffraction grating with 12 different wavelenght (340 a 800 nm);
Bichromatic measurement;
Tugsten halogen Lamp;
400 tests/hour (fotometric/turbidimetric).
Washing System
Automatic washing cuvettes;
Use alkaline solution, acid solution e water;
Internal and external washing probes;
Water consumption: 18 L/h.
Siytem Homogenization
Two mixers.
Pipetting System
Independent probes to R1, R2, samples and ISE module;
Level sensor to reagents and samples.
Data Storage
Store last 1000000 results from pacientes, 25000 calibrations and 50000 controls.
System Interface
RS 232 bidirecional.
Environment Windows;
Automatic daily maintenance.
Quality Control
Quality Control using multiple rules of Westgard and graphics of Levey-Jennings.
160 tests/hour (sodium, potassium and cloride).
Dimensions (HXWXL)
58,2 X 97 X 69 cm.
150 kg.

Total assistance

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