Biochemistry and Turbidimetry

Labmax 400

The Labmax 400 is a bench fully automated analyzer with random access and possibility of preparation on board of the hemolyzed for the tests of HbA1c. Its friendly software allows access to the work list or adding emergency sample with just one click.
The technical features of this analyzer exceed the expectations of the most demanding laboratories. Japanese technology, assembled in Brazil by Labtest.

Acquiring this equipment


400 tests/hour (270 photometrics/turbidimetrics + 130 ISE).
Refrigerated reagent tray (24 hours);
50 positions;
Bottle capacity 20 and 70 mL;
R1 volume: 20 µL to 250 µL / R2 volume: 20 µL to 180 µL;
Cooling temperature: 8 to 15 °C;
Identification: position or bar code.
Plastic cuvettes or primary tubes (5mL, 7mL and 10mL);
50 samples;
Volume: 1.5 to 35 µL (minimum interval: 0.1 µL);
Urgency analysis: momentary interruption or routine tests;
Detector of probe clogging (optional);
Identification: position or barcode (optional).
Special plastic or pyrex glass (optional) cuvettes;
Automatic verification of the cuvettes quality;
Reaction volume: 100 µL (minimum) 350 µL (maximum);
Reaction time: maximum 10 minutes;
Temperature: 37 °C ± 0.1°C;
Monitoring of the reaction.
Programming for 270 photometrics tests and 40 calculated tests;
Endpoint, kinetics and ISE (optional);
Automatic preparation of hemolyzed samples for determination of HbA1c;
Linear and non-linear calibration.
Photometric System
Photometer with diffraction grating, monitoring reactions each 13 seconds in 12 different wavelengths (340, 380, 415, 450, 510, 546, 570, 600, 660, 700, 750, 800 nm);
Monochromatic or bichromatic reading;
Tungsten halogen lamp;
Included software that follows the life time of the lamp;
Photometric Linearity: 0,000 - 3,000 abs;
270 tests/hour (photometrics/turbidimetrics).
Washing System
Automatic washing of the reaction cuvettes;
Heated water, alkalin and acid solution;
Internal and external sample probe washing;
Volume detector for washing solution, water supply and drainage line (optional);
Water consumption: 5.0 L/h.
Siytem Homogenization
Highly efficient homogenizer for biochemical and immunological tests.
Pipetting System
Reagent and sample probe;
Level detector for samples and reagents.
Data Storage
Store last 1000000 results from pacientes, 30000 with names of patients , 25000 calibrations and 50000 controls.
System Interface
RS 232 bi-directional.
Environment Windows.
Quality Control
Quality Control using multiple rules of Westgard and graphics of Levey-Jennings.
130 tests/hour (sodium, potassium and cloride);
Easy substitution and cleaning of electrodes;
Substitution of single electrodes.
Dimensions (HXWXL)
62,5 X 87 X 67 cm.
120 Kg.

Total assistance

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