Biochemistry and Turbidimetry


The CS-400 is a robust floor analyzer totally automatized that provides a jump of quality in the laboratory routine. The reaction fixed cycle allows performing 400 photometric tests with maximum efficiency.

Acquiring this equipment


800 tests/hour (400 photometrics/turbidimetrics + 400 ISE).
90 positions (R1+ R2 + W);
Bottles: 20 mL and 70 mL;
Aspirations volume: 20 µL a 350 µL (interval of 1µL);
Cooled Temperature: 5 - 15ºC;
Bar Code Reader;
Automatic Counting of reagents volume.
Bar code reader;
Tray with 115 positions;
Aspirations volume: 2µL - 35µL (steps of 0.1 µL).
120 individual plastic and reusable cuvettes;
Reaction Volume: 150 µL to 450 µL;
Homogenizer system;
Reaction types: Endpoint, Kinetis;
Calibration: Linear and nonlinear calibrations;
Reaction Monitor.
Photometric System
Photometric Throughput: 400 tests/hour;
Photometer with diffraction grating with 12 different wavelenght (340 a 750 nm);
Bichromatic measurement;
Halogen lamp.
Washing System
Automatic washing of the reaction cuvettes;
Internal and external washing probe with heated water;
Alkaline Solution.
Pipetting System
Independent probes for reagents and samples;
Level detector for samples and reagents;
Blood´s coagulation detector.
Data Storage
Memorize the result of 10.000 tests.
RS 232 bi-directional.
Environment Windows.
Quality Control
Quality Control using multiple rules of Westgard and graphics of Levey-Jennings.
ISE Module
400 tests/hour (Sodium, Potassium and Chlorides).
Dimensions (HXWXL)
115 X 106 X 79 cm.
300 kg.

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